Announcing “Sr. Developer in 24 Hours” Video Series

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Hello everyone,

I am excited to announce the launch of my new video series, “Sr. Developer in 24 Hours”. This series is designed for developers who are looking to level up their coding skills and transition to a senior developer role. The material will span a total of 24 hours.

Throughout my career, mentoring has been a key aspect of my role, and one question that frequently comes up from junior developers is, “How can I make the leap to becoming a senior developer?” This series is my effort to compile and organize this information.

The series will consist of weekly 30-minute videos, covering various skills, techniques, and technologies that are essential for senior developers to excel in their teams. Topics will include setting up new projects, optimizing team productivity, incorporating non-functional requirements into applications, and much more. The content will also be compiled into a living ebook for easy reference.

Please note that this video series is targeted towards developers with some prior experience in the field.

Thank you, and I look forward to sharing this valuable content with you all!

The first video is available at

All the videos will be listed here.